Hi Weasyl! by Kium

I'd like to thank all my new watchers and apologize for flooding the front page/ inbox. I honestly keep forgetting about updating Weasyl and then posting a selected group of stuff from my FA.

Speaking of which! For all the new watchers, if you like my gallery ( which I also must say thank you for ) I highly recommend watching my FurAffinity of the same name and if you'd like to see my sketches and studies, check out my Tumblr ( CottonWisp ). I'll try my best to remember to upload here, but that being said it'll probably be in groups and just a selected few. But! I'd like to get to know all of you newcomers so feel free to say hi.

I'm also closed for commissions right now. I want to do some personal projects but I'm expecting to open up before the summer is out ( mid-September ). When I am open, the fastest to find out and to get contact is on my FA.

Enjoy Browsing and have a good summer!
Au revoir!

Hi Weasyl!


26 July 2014 at 21:58:06 MDT

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