It's Been a Year Already? (Birthday Journal~) by Taw

I guess it's already been a year since my last birthday. Time sort of flew by for me! Birthday is on the 24th, for those curious. I've accomplished a lot of things over the last year, and I'm quite happy with where things are currently headed for my own life.

Career-wise: Worked on some projects, networked, contract work, etc. Went to workshops, met with lots of people, improved my resume and skills quite a lot over the last year, which is why haven't had much work to show since my last birthday!

Art-wise: Topology and poly counts of my models have been drastically improved due to changing my production workflow. I can now model something clean, low or high poly in a quick amount of time due to modularizing things. Planning to work on UVs and Textures quite a bit, and I'm taking a step back from environment modelling because I find it's too overwhelming when I could make one big asset that's highly polished in the same amount of time, and be much happier with it.

Friend/Relationship-wise: Played a lot of games over the last year, kept a lot of awesome friendships. Made some new friends, lost a few as well, but in the end I think things are looking up still and I'm good with that.

Fell in love with my best friend, and we dated for just over four months, but it didn't work out in the end. But we're closer than ever and I'm happy he's in my life and there for me for everything. He's done so much to help me out and support me that I can't thank him enough and I wanna give him the biggest hug~ He's significantly changed my life for the better ever since we met, and I wanna be sure I can do the same for him. <3

Health-wise: Found out I have high blood pressure last year, been working on exercise and diet (cutting out sodium and a lot of junk food and eating a lot healthier) and finally got into a good medcare facility and working on improving my overall health, since it was quite bad since college. My knee injury from when I was 16 seems to be slowly getting worse, so I'm hoping to see what's there for that, but it's not too bad as of now.

Weasyl: Got back on track with Weasyl after a brief period where I left for family, health and career related reasons. Got back into it after a month of leave, and I love the team, and it's a huge learning experience still, even after almost three years of working on it. I've gained quite a bit of knowledge, experience and skills from it, and I'm excited to see where the project goes.

One thing I know I haven't kept up on much is socializing a whole lot with the community, but I'm going to work on that a whole lot, because you all are really awesome!

Looking Forward: I want to keep progressing with how things are now, as busy as my life can be at times. I've straightened out my priorities a little more, and life is going great, and I can't wait to see where I'll be next year~

It's Been a Year Already? (Birthday Journal~)


23 July 2014 at 17:54:49 MDT

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