MYO mossie by queenie

please read the whole journal if you wish to make one!!

mossies do not have to be of a natural color. they can be "sparkle dog"
they do not have to have dreads, please do not limit yourself to that
they can have accessories!
they can be pets!
they don't have to have tails!
they can have many different tails!
they do NOT have paw pads!
a mossie's fur can not glow, only the eyes glow (at night) and is dim.
the insides of a mossie are the same as the inside of their nose (see picture)

after i accept your offer, you may make one. if there is something wrong with your design (ei tail/body type), i'll let you know and you MUST change it!

okay please offer above $5
or other closed species
or art

however, i will take money over lots of things right now ;_;

offer first!!! i won't like it if you make a mossie first :c

examples of mossies:

MYO mossie


21 July 2014 at 20:31:55 MDT

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