Hello, sort of new person here - signed up yesterday. by NerdyMunk

Hey, I'm chipmunkboy92 on FurAffinity, NerdyMunk on Tumblr, and so on - more contact details are on this user page.
I haven't migrated from anywhere, this account is here to show off my characters (yes, characters - I have one more to show hopefully very soon but communication between the reference sheet artist has been very slow) and the usually pixel and Minecraft skin related pieces I do.
This page also has less submissions on here than on FurAffinity as of now - my FA is my general main page of operations since that is where I get commissions and maybe trades and requests.
So I hope you like what you see of Timothy so far and my pixel and Minecraft skin related work so far and hopefully I could finally receive some commissions, trades, and maybe requests from some people here.

Hello, sort of new person here - signed up yesterday.


21 July 2014 at 09:18:23 MDT

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    welcome to the "best art site except when people make their porn thumbnails genitalia" we hope u enjoy your stay
    no seriously layout is nice and easy 2 use welcome

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      Luckily I don't boast the genitalia at all. Happen to know where the follow button is?

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        follow buttons are on people's pages around the very top next to a star. if the star is yellow you already follow them. If someone has a page banner it'll be under the banner!

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          Ah, I can click it with Chrome now. For some reason it wasn't showing up in Safari.

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            yeah safari's kinda wonky with a lot of websites like that. But again, welcome!