Where is everyone?! by Jacolf

tumble weed passes

This place feels like a ghost town. I never really see that many people online here. I know some people are still stubborn and stick to FA and some do both but like me, but frequent FA more so than here to get better business etc.

It's free to make an account here now, people should really try giving this site a shot. I really love the attention to detail it has and all of the different custom options you have to choose from.

I just wish there were more folks here I guess, maybe I should post a friendly invite journal over on my FA or Facebook. I wouldn't bother posting it on LJ because that site is even more dead than here. Anyway, if you are reading this and you do frequent here a lot and are interested in getting some really cool art work you should totally check out my friend Bruised-Trees.

She is open for commissions and could really use all the help she can get. Sorry ahead of time if promo journals are bad, they are on FA no idea if they are here.
Anyway yes, she has really beautiful art, even if you'd just like something simple she goes above and beyond your expectations and really makes beautiful works, so yeah check her out and possibly hire her for awesome art.

K, I'm outtie cause I'm a sick puppy dog and need to chill out and sketch a little bit to relax.

Where is everyone?!


15 July 2014 at 13:19:57 MDT

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    I am indeed going with both FA and Weasyl
    But I agree, there isn't a lot of traffic here at all!