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Where have I been? by Sammacha

Well I've not been online much, not in my sketchbook, not posting, not even chatting... i fear it will only be getting worse... I will be looking or a new job which means even less time available (If I can get one soon)

also before I go on, I am going to apologize for a somewhat depressing journal, I don;t really find its a common thing you see from me at all.
Often I am promoting some idea of mine, or just general boring things... Anyways
The reason why
Well several things...

I was a little worried about my computer, shit happened and then my friends computer crashed (can I save it, I think not). Seems like things have just exploded in my face since then.

A really good friend moved away, far away...
My friend who is disabled... is having a horrible time with everything (he is the one with the broken computer). Most of those stems to the fact that he can't work and hasn't worked for the past... year I think maybe more. he "isn't disabled enough" for benefits from the government, so what does one do? I do plenty of things for the guy but I don't have extra money to be supporting another person :(
It's just depressing.. not that he wants me supporting him... "I am not your responsibility" as he puts it, and he is right, but still...
That being said i am hoping that maybe I can raise some money for him with my artwork, not sure if that's gonna work though, still need a plan.
I wish his parents would help out instead of offering up the false " you'll be better in a month or so"
Look at reality please, even I knew he would be off work for a year or more. Lies don't help people! not ever.

My dad also hasn't been doing too well... don't know what will happen there, same with my aunt (we think it may be cancer).* sigh

so as crap continues to fall from small cloud that hovers over my head I probably will be online less and less...
I will continue to draw in my spare time and post them but I am afraid that Nancy might be a 100% No go most of the time. (tried the other day but got pulled away)
I'm also probably going to be away from my skype even more these days. I'll still check my E-mail and reply to my comments.
Crit night will go on
drawings will still be posted (especially if this is the way I can raise money for my buddy)
I'll do my best
You guys are great and I would love to be able to chat with you all more then I do, but with all this, well I need to find a way to deal with it.


Where have I been?


7 July 2014 at 16:38:16 MDT

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    Oh damn, you (not just...) have it rough over there !
    I hope this turns out less bad or even good sooner than later :)

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      Yeah its been a bit rough over here, Thanks tiido!

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    That's not good : (

    I hope things get better for you soon! It sounds like you've got an idea of where to go from here, which is good!

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      Thanks Herp, I kind of have a plan, so you're right, thats a good thing. We shall have to see how it plays out...
      I should make a jelly ice cream burger thing... maybe that would cheer my buddy up LOL

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    -gives you massive moogle hug- At times like these, it's best to focus on what's most important, and it seems your family and rl friends need you (& vice versa), so don't feel bad about not being online. I'm pretty surprised you're still going through with Critique night after all this, make sure you don't push yourself too hard now! Ah, & job wise - is it a whole new one you'll be applying for, or just a secondary on the side?

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend, aunt & dad. It's as if life loves to hit us all at once with a power punch (more so with bad news than good) that it almost seems intentional. One of many hurdles, though I'm sure you'll be able to jump it! :)

    Don't worry about venting either, we're here to support you anyway we can Sam! Good luck with everything~ :3

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      Ha ha Thanks Moogle, yeah I think they do need me I am just stuck because I have no idea what I can do to help TT_TT
      For the job, totally new, my company ran out of work in town and I don;t really want to move. However if i have to I will :(
      Its not a small move... it's like a few provinces away, omg I might end up ear you! O_O lol
      A few are for jobs in the middle of no where's ville, no car, no stores, just a butt ugly camp filled with men, and that just doesnt seem appealing to me ... sounds LAME. All you do is work for hours and hours, sleep and repeat. you work so much that every X days you get X days off and a flight home. I'd be stuck there for I dont know how long. I have a choice of moving myself and working a regular day job in some other province, but at that point you are moved, and you dont get time off to come home with out taking your "vacation" and its not like I get a lot of that time :/ (also I dont get paid when Im on it... lame-ooooo)

      Yeah, life is a jerk sometimes... :(

      lol, thanks Moogle. I'm glad to have friends like you irl and online.

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    Jeez, all those sound so stressful. :( I'd personally steer clear of a 'all men camp' if I were you, especially if it's just nonstop work; you're only human! XD Have you thought of applying for work ahead of time (assuming the place you're working at isn't already moved on) around your area, so it's not too far of a move (say a city/town over)? A day job might be a better option temporary until something better comes along. I wish I could offer better advice, but I'm sorta in the same boat (well, different situation entirely but same concept :3).

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      Sad part is, with my work, the company didn't feel the need to tell us ahead of time, so unexpectedly got the boot. I know what you're saying but you know what its summer, and I can spend some time with my dad and my Bf who is really depressed about his situation and needs some support while he deals with this and his family issues (its only been getting worse). I need to find a job that will hire me in a while. Im not worried about being off for a while, but I can't be a bum forever, I still has the bills to pay D:
      My regular job is usually fairly stable but it doesn't matter where you live because when one job is done you move on to another. I once worked 20 mins from home and then on Friday they sent me to some job about an hour away. totally sucked! (I was really mad, because I had paid for some private badminton lesson and due to moving jobs had to cancel :( )Then I worked near home again, it really varies. You are required to work up X km from your home, so moving a town or so wont make a difference, I am required to travel. It's great advice, just doesn't work in my case. good luck with your stuff, I'm pretty sure we all get stuck in this place at least once during our lives. (unless your family is super rich, in that case, damn you! lol )

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    Oh no, I'm so sorry! It sucks when everyone around you, including yourself, is going through a rough time. Take your time, do whatever it is you think you need to do to get yourself through all this. I hope all will be well soon.

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      Yeah it totally does! Anyways, I am sure eventually something will work and it will all get better. It is what it is :/
      Thanks Nattles :)

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    Been thinking for days for something good to say, I can't really figure anything out. :s This too shall pass, I guess, hopefully soon.

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      Lol, thats ok, Thanks Rory, for readin' and commenting and such :)
      Have a good time with your puppy and your trip