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Do your research kids by Burgil

Ill try not to go into too much detail (as much as i want to, but it really isnt my place)
In recent events, an acquaintance purchased a fursuit from, basically, a fake business. The "fursuit maker" lied about their quality and the commissioner believed them and payed them. What they received months later was a terribly bad beginners fursuit, like, first suit ever without having reading tutorials, bad.

People, please...Fursuits are an expensive hobby that requires research. There are many people out there more than happy to scam you into buying a "professional" fursuit from them, only to give you a mangled mess, or hell, just take the money and run.
HOWEVER there are also a lot of really talented people out there ready and willing to make you an amazing work of art that you and others can enjoy! Ask questions, ask for more pictures and video, ask past customers, look one over in real life if you can! Well known business or small time new maker, any choice can be the perfect one for you so long as you know what youre getting into!

Do your research kids


4 July 2014 at 02:29:28 MDT

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    but if I paid 100 dollars then after does my maker soon quality?

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    I've been getting quotes to see who I can afford comfortably and 100% happy with what they offer.

    It's really not hard to research either :c I think there's a fur suit review LJ??

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      yup yup, theres one on LJ (along with a good Q&A style group) and FA has an excellent review profile too. theyre really helpful! and if you look around and something is left unanswered, a good suit maker should be more than happy to reply to your questions without any sort of run around.

      also yay! i had no idea you were looking into getting a suit! its so much fun~ it takes a while to find a good balance between looks, cost, and skill, but its that much more worth it in the end.

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        yes yes uwu~ i've been huting for a while, but yeah i totally wanna get one of satoshi ahhh because kawaii deers and i just love the reactions you get from people and little kids...unless the kids cry then it's like omg im sorry :c im friendly
        I'm ordering one from! So far communications with her about pricing has been really great, and I've actually meet her in person at BLFC. c: total sweet heart. im looking forward to working with her

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          oh awesome! ive always thought her suits look so nice~ ill be excited to see it! thereneedstobemoredeersuitsomg