Let's do an art trade! by Scarfsickle

I don't care how "good" of an artist you are. I've kinda had art-block recently and it would be nice if someone could draw one of my characters :3 We can of course compromise on stuff, like you can draw the character that you think would be easiest for you (for example, I am the best at drawing MLP ponies so it would be really cool if you had an MLP character.) I am willing to do digital or traditional, but if I do digital I'm limited to MS paint (I can still get some shading in though!) I have tons of art markers and coloured pencils so traditional is preferred, but it honestly doesn't matter. In addition, have lots of examples of my work that I haven't uploaded here, both digital and traditional, so just let me know and we can talk about it!

Thanks for the read! I'll be sure to put work into my side of the trade.

Let's do an art trade!


27 June 2014 at 15:16:14 MDT

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