Back, but still busy by WindWolf

Welp, I'm back from my little vacation with my family. Instead of doing either or, we got to go to both Lagoon (the amusement park here in Utah) and the cabin! I haven't been to Lagoon in years so it was great to refresh my memory! Wind loves thrill rides, mm-hmm, yes she does! XD

The cabin was super nice; the temperature was perfect, the weather was perfect, and it was just the perfect set up for a good time. Even the bugs weren't half as bad last year (if you recall, last year we were swarmed by clouds of brown may flies and biting deer flies), although the tree beetles were a bit bad this year, but they stay in the trees and the worst they do is make an incessant hissing sound.

I did go fishing, but it was getting dark and then my rod decided to go suicidal on me so by the time I was able to get my line out to where it was deep enough it was time to go. No fish for Wind. I'm going to see if I can dedicate an entire day to fishing when we go back up for my birthday weekend after Anthrocon (sorry Icei, and Tes, you're just going to have to deal my fishing obsession and bear with me).

Yup, it was a very good trip. Now, I may be back, but I am still insanely busy so that means no art while we continue to work on fursuits. Next week is Anthrocon though, and I'm super stoked!!!

Back, but still busy


23 June 2014 at 10:40:28 MDT

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