To a bee. by NamelessDork

Yesterday, in the heat of the sunny afternoon, I had found a carpenter bee trapped on the driveway. I sat with it, tried to comfort and feed it while it tried desperately to fly. The poor dear had gotten into a fight of sorts, and broke its wings and lost a leg. I tried my best to keep the bee company, but sadly it didn't make it. So this morning I am having a tiny burial, in memory of my bee friend, whom had buzzed around me everyday I went outside, he lived in this home, in the porch boards to be exact. He was welcome and loved. I'm gonna miss him.

To a bee.


22 June 2014 at 07:45:16 MDT

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    That's kinda nifty so u like bees I'm guessing

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      Yes, very much ^^

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        hmm that’s spacial not many do:> what makes u like them so much?

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          I honestly don't know, I just do x3

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            i personally don’t ^^; for some god awful reason i cant loose they scare me :P

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              Not all bees are aggressive, the Carpenter Bee is the most harmless. Honey Bees aren't allowed to sting, they die after one sting, and Bumble Bees don't usually care. But you should watch out for Wasps and Yellow Jackets. Yellow Jackets like to nest underground, and wasps are easily agitated. x ox;