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June 15,2014
-Commission finished, waist list open; no current projects! Note me if interested!
May 21, 2014
Commission picked up and work beginning; wait list open
May 20, 2014

  • Finished current project, wait list open. First person to comment that can pay will be first worked on.

Created a new commission sheet that is more updated and better than the old one.

I'm taking a leaf out of Bethany Berg's book with commissions, hope she doesn't mind too much. I thought the idea was neat and it works well for my lifestyle too.
I'm opening commissions as a "wait list". This means that there will be a waiting list that you can request being added to. Being added to the wait list means that you don't have a "secure" commission with me in the sense that you don't pay me until I start on it and inform you that I am working on the piece. You can withdraw at any time until I finish the sketch for your approval (in case of sketch commissions you'll get a messy sketch that gets approved and then the final product is lineart!).

This keeps me from taking on more than one commission at once but allows anyone who wants a commission to be able to see that they are next in line, or how far off they are, without worrying about how long it takes me to complete the commission above them or if I need to take a break from commissions for a period of time.
Please read the image, it contains very important details about how my commissions works, what you mean as a client and I the artist as well as the price ranges for different pieces offered. If you don't see something up there that you might like (such as my traditional work/abstract pieces/doodle pages, etc) feel free to send me a note and ask me about them! I'm more than happy to consider these. Keep in mind that traditional work is often more expensive because I have to buy supplies for those things.

What I will draw
What I currently do NOT draw
-Humans or anything of the likeness to include anthros
-Robots and other mechanical things

What you can ask about:
-NSFW (this is very iffy with me and I would like to talk one on one about it with you if you would like this. I am not inclined to the piece and it may cost extra to do something like this.)

When your turn comes to commission me, I will note you (or email, whatever you prefer) and inform you that it is your turn. I would appreciate a form like this filled out:
Your Username:
The Name of the character(s) in the commission:
What kind of commission you would like:
How you are paying (half-and-half, wish list buy, or a different payment type):
A small snippet about the character personality OR a pose idea OR both:
Reference Sheet:
Any extras like certain colors, color overlays, moods, backgrounds etc:

I will reply to you and inform you the cost or of any bumps we may have in my ability or errors or other gaps found in the form. From there if you are paying half and half you will be required to pay me the first installment. If you are paying Amazon wishlist please wait till I have finished the sketch for you to approve!

If you wish to email me you can contact me here:
All payments will be in USD, please please please do your own money conversion if you are paying with a different currency! There are tools online to help you!
If you have questions please ask! I can add them to FAQ!
I have a creature from [blank] Fandom! Can you draw it?
Of course! I do not mind. I can draw your character from your sparkle babies to your not sparkle babies to your own personally owned species.
I can't pay half and half, can I split it into the quarters or pay you in full?
Yes! Feel free to ask me about any payment options if half and half does not fit for you.
I'd rather buy something from your amazon wish list
Awesome! If you'd like to do this just ask me, keep in mind that whatever you buy from my wishlist is going to be "payment". Meaning something that matches to the price range of the commission(s) you want.
I'd like a traditional piece shipped to me!
I'm not currently doing this unless you are in the united states!
What happens if you leave because of work for a while?
I will close commissions, but you can continue to send me notes about being put on my wait list.
Am I allowed to crop the image and use it as an avatar/signature/banner?
Yes! But I'd love credit for the work somewhere, even if you just take and put my name in the corner!
Do I get an unwatermarked copy still?
Yes you do! However do not upload it to your gallery. Do not upload any of my work to your online galleries. Facebook, photobucket and tumblr are fine, but please, give me proper credit( whether it's my name or a link to where I can be found!)
Can you draw my pet?
I loooove this idea, and I would love to!

Currently the piece being worked on:
1. -Empty-
Wait List OPEN:

1.Enaxn 's Denali - Sketch with background

Commissions OPEN!


19 June 2014 at 15:47:46 MDT

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