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No art updates for a few days by RedBirdBlueBird

A valve under my sink this Sunday went bad and proceeded to flood not only my apartment, but the apartments below and kitty-corner to me. There's no carpet damage and the water was taken care of on both sides relatively quickly so there was no tile damage either. I feel really horrible even though it was not technically our fault. They had water coming from their light in their kitchen! Since it's not our fault, however, I won't have to pay any damages. I'm really relieved at this, because we're still paying off the 1000+ in damages from when the fishtank filter flooded the living room and soaked our carpet and the apartment's below us's carpets.

Needless to say I now have renter's insurance. This was a big kick in the pants to get it. Anywho, because of this, I have to wait for several repair guys to check carpets and to repair the leak and turn my hot water back on in the kitchen. I still have hot showers, and can get water from my bathroom, so I'm really fine, but I won't be able to update you guys on art and sketches for a bit. I will be paying attention to any commission requests, however, as I just opened those after finishing the commissions sheet on Sunday, and I'll be surfing around as well as I wait for repair guys.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

No art updates for a few days


17 June 2014 at 12:00:51 MDT

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    Oh noes! I really hope that the repairs go well and quickly. Sounds like a scary thing happening since things like that are so out of the blue!

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      Thanks, yes it was definitely scary... walked out of the bedroom to find the kitchen a puddle! I got a call from my rental agency though, and everything should be fine by thursday, which is much sooner than I expected.