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No Longer Using Weasyl. by Anuvia

Over the last few years, I've given it my best effort in order to try and find a reason to use this website. For me, there benefits for doing so were absolutely nonexistent, however I made the genuine effort to find to post here for the sake of giving my followers and fans that may have left FurAffinity a place to see my artwork. As an artist, my fan/followers are one of my number one priorities and thus, I began posting here.

Unfortunately, this site has been nothing but a burden for me; The layout and site functionality is clunky and hard to navigate and use; I have barely any followers here and none of my commissioners come from this website. Despite being a burden, I stayed, again for the benefit of my fans.

However, I've reached my final straw. I was issued a staff note that described to me why the ratings on half of my gallery were changed without any notice given. The reasons were what really made me decide this website is not for me. Some of them literally stated that "because the character is blushing, this must be explicit" or "this pose makes it seem like they may be in a sexual activity soon"; This feels more like policing rather than genuine concern for the rating system. If there was a cause for concern, I believe the staff could have taken the time to consult me about the content of my artwork as opposed to dictating what's going on in an image I had created; They would know better than I would..I guess? It feels disrespectful and to use such garbage reasoning to reprimand me feels unsettling.

I have never felt this website to be one that welcomes adult artwork, but rather one that wanted to be "classy" and allowed it for the sake of competing with FurAffinity, and now this has been made crystal clear to me. My presence in the furry fandom is as a fetish and pornography artist. This is what I do and this is how I make my living. I don't feel I deserved to be treated like scum or told I'm incapable of handling the responsibility of setting my own ratings based on the work I do, and I especially don't appreciate the snarky and condescending tone of how this was handled.

With that being said, I will no longer be using Weasyl for any reason. Furaffinity will always be my main gallery just as it has been for the last seven years.

If you'd like to follow me there, please feel free!

I will no longer be checking this website, but thank you for following me!

No Longer Using Weasyl.


17 June 2014 at 03:53:59 MDT

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