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ANTHROCON BADGES! Commissions announcement! by Cupcake

Hey everyone!
I am VERY CLOSE to clearing my backlog ENTIRELY which was my goal for awhile. I am ditching the old rolling slots system and going back to the good ole' system of taking batches of 10 slots at a time. This will ensure that commissions get done much MUCH faster and I can take commissions on a more regular basis.

I should hopefully be done with my backlog tomorrow or Wednesday. Once it's done, be on the lookout for a GIGANTIC, SUPER DUPER BADGE SALE!

Badges will have a one time only special price especially for those that are attending Anthrocon. (Don't worry, if you're not attending the convention, you can still enjoy the sweet deals!)

So keep an eye out for that! Just a heads up!
(Also during this time you can of course commission other things from what I usually offer, however badges will be the spotlight!)

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome day! <3

ANTHROCON BADGES! Commissions announcement!


16 June 2014 at 12:09:05 MDT

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    Make an announcement when you start selling and I'll consider it!

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      I always make announcements before I start selling as to give a heads up to customers. :) I will, of course, announce when they will be open.