Maggot food by Tapeworm

I'm keeping that dead possum I drew, their name's Maggot food.
Just maggot for short. They forget their actual name, they don't care about it either.
They really enjoy getting into fights and will try to start them more than they should
A lot of times they've been almost best to death because of this
They don't really think before doing anything in general. Just "oh hey this seems cool. I'm gonna do it, I don't give a shit what happens"
A lot of times they're missing body parts or have their skin partially ripped off.
They just laugh about that
"It's nothing" and strut around wearing it like some fancy dress or something

I Don't know how to explain how they're still alive.

I'll figure it out

Oh and they don't say they're an opossum, they call themselves a space rat.

Edit: before they died, maggot made a contract with this being and after they died they were brought back to do things for this being. The being thought they would hate being back alive and immortal like everyone else they brought back, and thought that maggot would get these things done so they could be dead again. But instead, maggot decided to do other stuff instead, using what they were given to full advantage.

Maggot food


9 June 2014 at 14:22:03 MDT

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