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Moving forward. Staying positive. by DoNotDelete

The past month has been the most artistically productive I have experienced for a long time. By removing the linework element it feels as though I have finally resolved the difficulties I was having with my artwork. My new lineless approach to vector artwork has given me renewed confidence in my ability to deliver my next generation of comic pages at a reasonable and regular rate.

I have been developing new comic concepts for the past few years – with the last year having been especially rewarding on a number of fronts. Though I still have a ways to go before many of these comics are in the final draft phase, I hope to introduce at least one of my comic projects to the internet before the year is out. In the meantime you may at least expect to see an occasional character preview or teaser every so often.

I appreciate comments and polite critiques, but I try to limit my exposure to the internet because I find it has a detrimental effect on both my creativity and productivity – so if I don’t reply to your comment please don't think I don't appreciate it.

Stay positive about your artwork.

Keep drawing the things you love to draw.

DND out.

Moving forward. Staying positive.


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