Pillow Commissions are OPEN by frostykatmonstur

Pillow Commissions:

Base price: $35 (USD)

What this gets you:
One custom made pillow, featuring a detailed fleece front. This detailed front can be a character’s face, or something else! The standard size of these pillows varies, but tends to be about 14''x14'' (35.5cm x 35.5 cm).

Things that may add to the price:
• Complex colors
• Extensive embroidery work (this is all done manually; I use a standard sewing machine for all of my work, not an embroidery machine)
• Multiple faces (ie: one character on the front, and another on the back)
• Pillows that are significantly different from the standard size (ie: a large, full character)
• Embroidery on the back of the pillow (such as writing or even a silhouette)
• Small, detailed embroidery (this is done by hand and is very difficult and time consuming!)
• Special materials (faux fur, etc.)
• Other special requests (ask!)

Shipping within the USA: $5 (USD)
International shipping: $10 (USD)

Payment process:
I prefer to use Paypal for commission work. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO MY ACCOUNT! I will send you an invoice for your payment.
I will require a down payment of $15 before I start working on your pillow. The rest of your payment will be required BEFORE I ship the finished product. I will send you a collection of photographs of your finished pillow before shipping to ensure the finished product is what you requested.

While I work:
When I am ready to begin working on your pillow, I will send you an invoice for the $15 down payment. I will then work with you on the details of your pillow’s design, including a sketch of the detailed front, and regarding the pattern of the fabric (ie: “The background fabric should have a space theme”) Once I begin working on your pillow, you are invited (and encouraged!) to contact me regarding the progress of your commission. I will ask you if you would like to receive progress photos, and can produce them upon request. I will also contact you regarding any decisions that will affect the final product (ie: use of a different material, the pattern of the pillow, etc).

Interested in a commission? Email me at blackrathmar[at]gmail.com for a quote!

Pillow Commissions are OPEN


3 June 2014 at 11:49:52 MDT

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