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★Support my Redbubble store! Get discounts off commissions! by Cupcake

Hi guys! As I'm sure you've seen, I decided to open a Redbubble store yesterday!
In between commissions, I am working on various designs for t-shirts, stickers, phone cases, tote bags, prints and more!

Purchase at least $5 from my Redbubble store and provide a receipt as proof, and get $6 off your next commission from me!

I wanted to try this route before I try a Patreon, mainly because I couldn't think of any Patreon tiered prizes. TuT
Merchandise from my Redbubble store starts as low as $2.40 for a sticker! A cool tote bag is only $18.77!

The artwork on my Redbubble store is very unique, and you can't get it anywhere else. I am pretty sure if you order stuff now, you will get your items before Anthrocon!

Currently I am working on a series of "Cupcake Animals", the two I have finished and posted are a Fox and Spotted Hyena. Next up for this series are: Cat, Bat, Deer & Dragon.

You can see my complete store here.

Every little sale makes a difference and helps support me and my artwork, and will give me more time to create artwork like this just for you guys!

Thanks for looking, and have an awesome day!!

★Support my Redbubble store! Get discounts off commissions!


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