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Alrighty then! by foxboy83

Old journal was old. So, now there is this one!

Been doing the daily sketch challenge with oonami and sig-nal over at FA these past few days and it's been pretty fun! But, BUT, I've been spending too much time on them and they don't make me any money! rubs finger together
Money is especially important with convention time coming up.

SO, I thought, or at least I'm taking credit for the idea, that it'd be neat if you guys wanted to get in on my daily sketch by turning them into a sort of daily sketch commission! I'll do these for $11USD. As I am doing these as an exercise I'm looking to hit up what I feel are my weak spots. So things like male characters, clothed characters, interesting poses, and unusual perspectives would be ideal.

If you're interested or if you think this is a terrible idea tell me in a PM, comment or email me at foxboy83 {at} gmaildotcom!

Also, I'd like to thank you all for your watches, favs and comments! All the positive things coming you guys really keeps my going and I really appreciate it!


Alrighty then!


25 May 2014 at 11:02:35 MDT

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