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Update about ma lifeeee by Gebakje

So, for you who don't know, I'm currently in the Netherlands right now taking a three month long dutch course.. it's really freaking hard ;_; I'm about a month into it now and it's getting harder day by day :<
So my day usually goes like ->Get up -> shower -> eat -> go to class -> go back home -> do homework and check dA and shit -> eat dinna -> sleep... so there's no time to draw or make pomlems ;; I think by this weekend though i'm going to take some time out to design some because I wan't them to get out there D: And I want the people that have them to feel like I haven't abandoned the species :<
But most of my time gets taken up by dutch and studying for dutch its just such a mess right now ;;
AND ITS SO HOT TOO ;; The heat makes me so unfocused /cries It feels like I'll never understand dutch at this rate :< I don't want to let my boyfriend and his family down though..

Anyway, enough whining from me :< Expect to see more pomlem stuff during the weekend than the weekdays! And even though dutch is really freaking hard, its a beautiful language and country! Im really loving my time here and I don't wanna leave :< Its 100x better than america by far c:

Tot ziens!

Update about ma lifeeee


20 May 2014 at 10:16:41 MDT

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    If you want help with Dutch, send me a message? I'm Dutch/live here too. (Although I really want to get out of here and go to America, hah)

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      Urgh.. yeah, america is going to crap :I I wouldn't go there if I were you. It's very difficult to find a job right now, like everywhere. And stuff is getting more and more expensive :C And besides that the government is fucked up <_>

      LOL but anyway ty for the offer <333 I will definitely keep you in mind c:

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        For a second I thought you were describing the Netherlands. <.< Every place has its up and downsides. The US has numerous friends of mine who I am dying to meet up with, my boyfriend (military), my job is being a VA which is aimed at freelancers and is irrelevant of my physical location, and all my clients have been American so far... So for my situation it doesn't matter where I live, but I'd much prefer the US. I can't find a job here either. I think all countries are going down the shitter tbh. :/

        But yeah, whenever you need help just give me a holler! I'm fluent in English and I can translate pretty much everything and help with grammar and so forth. :)