Of Sparkle Dogs and More by King Gigabyte

So a lot of artist I admire have Sparkle dogs or some sort of sparkle character for fun. Well I want one to ! I decided i'm going to make a Doberman sparkle dog but I don't know what kinds of colors yet. I know I want to put music notes on it maybe but i'm unsure of what I want to go with. I still need to work on Cyrus my Dragoat and I may change his color pattern to blue and black instead of green. I don't know yet.

It would be good reference practice though. Any input ? My favorite colors for characters are red, black, blue, green, and generally dark colors. not all on the same character tho omg. I might upload a design thing and see what people think. I might turn Cyrus, Black and Purple because i've never seen one that color before and it'd be really different !

Me and my friend are going to collab on my Pony Sona and I need to work on my other 'sonas well fandom sona's. I can't wait. They'll be listed on my profile on weasyl and my tumblr so stay tuned for that.

Of Sparkle Dogs and More

King Gigabyte

19 May 2014 at 22:49:07 MDT

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