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Hey guys. My mom has a Jeep that she's giving me, but I have to pay for everything.
Insurance, new license plate, driver's license renewal, title change, gas, etc.

If I get this Jeep it'll make me mobile! That means I'll be able to drive myself around, hopefully get a job, and actually get out of the house (of which I'm stuck at 24/7). This is a HUGE deal for me. This will be my first ever car. No more having to have people drive me around and no more hoping I have a ride and having to plan around whether or not I have a ride.

I don't know if everyone knows, but I am no longer operating on FurAffinity. I don't login and I try to avoid the site as much as I can. I have my reasons, and I'd rather not like to spam you guys with them. But not operating on FA as my base, it's harder to get the word out about when commissions open, I have a special, or I'm doing something like Iron Artist (which I've started days ago with no responses).

If anyone wants to help me get the word out about Iron Artist, I will be eternally grateful and appreciative. I really want to do IA right this time, but first I need some folks interested in it. If you don't want to, that's fine. I understand.

Thank you

Iron Artist - Get the Word Out


19 May 2014 at 21:43:21 MDT

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    i wanted to buy a slot but am in the process of redoing my ref sheet/character build T_T

    i did make a journal about it, though, with all of the relevant info and your example. i hope that's ok. i only have a couple watchers since i'm not an artist, just an art/porn buyer xD

    good luck! keep up the good work!

    ( if you had wanted to see)

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      I understand the ref sheet thing x3 I can reserve slots, no biggie!

      I really appreciate it! Thank you!! <3

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    If I may be honest, I was quite interested in one of the pin-up commissions you offered; but I was put-off because you said you wouldn't draw wings... and I like wings... :<

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      They're quite difficult to do and I gasp in horror when I see characters with multiple sets of wings. v.v Nothing against winged characters of course, it's just hard for me to get the wings right. -3-