Some Inactivity for a While by WindWolf

So... yup, I'm not going to be super active for a while; at least I won't be spamming your messages with my incessant art very often. I'll still pop on every now and again just to answer comments and stuff.

This is because Tsebresos and I have started working on the fursuit commissions we accepted a couple weeks ago as well as our own suits and our friends' for Anthrocon. So far so good, we're working a lot faster together than we would alone (not to mention that so far my suit is looking freaskishly good, thanks to my unnaturally small feet!), but we still expect to be working pretty much up to July and the work is likely to continue through there into August and possibly September. We've got quite a lot to do and not a whole lot of time to do it (I've been pretty much living at Tes' house). Keep an eye out for our work though! Cause you can bet on it that we'll be uploading pictures!

Some Inactivity for a While


19 May 2014 at 09:42:54 MDT

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    Oh wow, that's a lot of work! =O Well, have funnnn! Lol ;)