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Hello Weasyl! by CharlieRetriever

So I finally did it and made a new account on a furry site outside of FA. I've been on FA for a good 5-6 years now and felt it was time for some change. I really liked the layout and structure for this site. Has a pleasant UI to look at and type on. I enjoy it gives a lot attention to multimedia and literature whereas I felt FA mainly promoted visual art. Plus I like it will feel like a fresh start (not to blow anyone's mind but had lots of drama on FA).

Best of all 90% of my close friends are on here already do doesn't feel like a painful move either. To those following me from FA, I will still interact on there from time to time and see how I deal with a duel system but can't make promises that I might spend time more on here once it kicks into gear and FA becomes a secondary site to me.

To new followers, hope I can make friends or at least good acquaintances with the many talented artists on here and am here to make friends and share my passion of art and music with fellow artists and to simply have a positive good time here. Here's to a solid, positive start in a new community here and I'll try to keep the noise down for my neighbors, though I warn you I am a silly pooch= =p

Hello Weasyl!


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    Good to see you again Charlie! I've been here just a little during the time when you had someone send you and invite before making an account and now no invite is easy to make an account.