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Roleplaying / story making by Andydot

I want to work with someone on either story making* or just roleplaying... with pictures.

The idea would be basically either we story make or roleplay in written form (I don't care how you write as long as you're ok with making plots and such) and then we also draw out scenes from the roleplay/story.. (be that separately or together.)

I have a basic / general plot idea...(Though, it's not mandatory that this plot is done.)
I need someone with at least one human character, and possibly other human or non-human characters, too...
*(???) = Plot hole not filled yet.

Plot wrote:

The human character ("they/them") is taken from this world. (Internet and school and daily life, etc. ) and thrown into an alternate universe, and dragged into (???) Then They are told that they are lost, obv, that it was an accident, and they must travel in order to get back home.
"Traveling" involves going through /several/ different worlds and meeting lots of different people, helping them so they help them, etc.

If you're interested, you can message me on skype: Andydot-
again, either this plot or we can make a new one. I'm just so... I want to do this. A really detailed, in-depth thing and we draw out stuff... idk. Who knows, maybe if we get far enough we can make it a comic. -exaggerated shrug-
*story making = Roleplaying but both writers can control any/all of the characters.

Roleplaying / story making


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