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Commissions, Trades, and General Info by JoshCat

Mostly posting this as a few people had contacted me about such things, and it seems like a good idea to put something up in case.


Anyways! A fully rigged, textured, and posed character model will run a base price of $100. That includes the model, a couple simple accessories, a pose of your choice, and all the source files for the model. Anything more complex, with a clothes and such will cost a little extra, but it would be determined by how complex they are. I can do simple backgrounds, and scenes as well, but anything complex would cost extra.

Might seem a bit high, but a lot of work goes into crafting one of these things. It's quite a process that can take upwards of 10+ hours when you include modelling, texturing, rigging, posing, and lighting.

So note me if you want to talk about getting one of these done.

Some examples of what I'm offering up there.

3D Busts + Blinking Icons

In addition to the full 3D character, I can also offer a cheaper, shoulder high bust of your character. Fully textured, with 1 or 2 simple accessories (Anything complex/extra will cost more depending on whats wanted) for $30 WITH an option to upgrade it to a full character for an additional $60 (That's $10 less than the full character price all together!) at a later date. You will also receive the texture files, and a .obj of your piece for 3D printing* or whatever you may choose. For $5 more I'll turn it into a blinking icon. Characters with complex designs may cost an additional $10 or so depending on complexity.

Examples of the busts.

*I cannot assure that your model will be able to be 3D printed as I've never done so, but I'll help you out with it if you ever were interested in printing one.


Currently only accepting a few here and there from time to time.

Odd Jobs, and Freelance Work

Need a prop, or something silly modeled? Note me with what your idea is, and if it's doable, I'll do it for a nominal fee.

This is just done as a per case thing. I wouldn't know where to start with pricing, but if I can do it I'll give an estimate of what I think it would cost.

Commissions, Trades, and General Info


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    Your 3D work is STUNNING. ill have to save up for a commission and hopefully we could do a trade sometime~! :3

    • Link

      Could totally do a trade sometime! Your stuff is so colorful and adorable. :3

      • Link

        awesome~ just let me know what and when. :3

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    I will make sure to save up and get a model of Taw done sometime then. :o Except it'd be a bitch due to his wings. :c

    • Link

      I've never actually done wings, so I'm not sure how hard they'd be!

      • Link

        Wings are what are stopping me from trying to learn character modelling. They're intimidating and it's making my brain explode trying to figure out how to rig 'em and constrain them!

        • Link

          Haha, now you got me curious. I'll have to try and make some wings sometime.

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            Let me know how it goes :D

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    Man I hope you get a lot of commissions, your work is always a pleasure to see. Just out of curiosity, have you ever thought about making a basic character to sell on turbosquid or something?

    • Link

      I've thought about something like that, but TurboSquid is a pretty scummy site. I wouldn't trust them at all with any assets that I could create.

      • Link

        True enough, I used to know other sites that seemed more credible but can't think of any at the moment. Still, I do wish someone with talent like yours good luck. Lol and sorry if all the compliments are weird, I know they can be at times but I just enjoy your art a lot.

        • Link

          It's not weird at all! I appreciate any comments, feedback, or criticism I can get on these! Makes me really happy that people are enjoying the stuff I create. :3