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So tomorrow by rowan_wolfe

I go to my friends house and I'll be house-sitting for her and her family until they come back on the 19th. She has two cats and two dogs, so this should be fun! Her mom was more or less refusing to go on vacation unless I was the one who would watch the place and the pets, because I'm the only one she trusts (I feel really honored omg).

I will VERY HOPEFULLY have a crap ton of art to post when I get back. I have a ton of wip's that I need to finish, and the main problem is not having the colors I need or deciding which ones I should do, but I'm going to get a new sketchbook once I get on that side of town, so yay, lots of new drawings I hope.

I'll still check in every once in a while.

AND BECAUSE I SOMEHOW HAVE BEEN STEADILY GAINING WATCHERS (for me, it's been like +1 a week-ish lately).

HELLO THAR. Thanks so much for the watches and faves! Your support means a lot to me!
And I'm sorry about all the vent journals, this is really the only place I have, and I'm trying to fix my situation as soon as possible, and I'm really trying to tone it down.

Peace, love, and respect!

So tomorrow


6 May 2014 at 17:34:33 MDT

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