Exciting news for me! by Sammacha

Hey guys,
So, this is exciting, at least to me. My artwork has been published as the cover of an erotic novel. currently the book is only available in E-book format but may soon be available in print (what I am waiting for).
Anyways I wanted to share this with you all, and I will have the image with a link posted soon. Just waiting for a few things to get sorted out.

-Samantha Lim

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Exciting news for me!


4 May 2014 at 18:34:29 MDT

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    Congrats Sam!!! I'd literally be jumpin outta ma pants if I were you ehe! :3 Such a good way for you to get your art out there~

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      Thanks so much moogle, been wanting to get my name out there for quite sometime but this year I had the time to concentrate on it, and my boyfriend really helped me too, not to mention you guys are pretty damn encouraging xD

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    If I ever get around to writing some erotic novels, I'll know who to come to, heh. Good job.

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    Congrats! I knew it was happening based on your sketchbook thread, but it's exciting to finally have it officially out there. :)

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      Yeah, Thank you Nattles. I was working on it in the sketchbook but it was still being questioned at the time. While the art was set to be finished he was consider a few other pictures as well so I am pretty happy that he decided to use it :)