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Tattooing Trail and Error Test: 1 by Chewbacca


Ref: Tool album art cover

Ok wow this came out horrible. All I used for this session was a green dry erase for stenciling, black ink, and two types of needles (3 liner and 13 mag)
I feel way more confident tattooing myself than grapefruits.
Couple of reasons.

A: Markers and fruit don't mix so very well. After I've gotten done using the mag for shading, the ink from the dry erase literally bled into the areas that I shaded thus making the colors darker and I guess, green..., thus having both of the inks soak into the fruit. I promise you, the shading was much more lighter in the white part of it's eye, and the iris'.

B: Fruit isn't the same as sink. There are tons of craters and has an unevenness surface, causing the ink to spread out, creating thicker lines. ( I obviously need to decrease the depth of the needle and lighten up the pressure being put onto the fruit.)

C: I really don't know if I'm going deep or not til I see the aftermath when I wiped away the excess ink. A lot of areas just got shredded. Others, stayed pretty nice with the top layer of rind still intact.

I'm not going to finish this. Going to try to use pencil next time to sketch out the design ._. In the end, I learned a lot, and since this was the first time using a shader, I'm going to try out different ways to not irritate the surface so much.

Tattooing Trail and Error Test: 1


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    I'd say, that rather than using grapefruit, you should possibly look at getting a piece of pork loin or something like that.. Something with the skin on it.
    That's what i've always seen tattoo artists using to replicate human skin and practice (at least on TV anyway). Though i can imagine that'd get expensive after a while, but it's the best approximation to human skin that you can get.

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      I was planning on heading to a meat market tomorrow
      Yeah those fake skin are really expensive, so I'll probably go with your first suggestion :3