PWYW, then YCH, Now How about FITB Commissions by Damagefox

FITB = Fill In the Blank Commissions, It an idea

Curious to see if anyone would be interested in seeing how this goes. I mean first there was Pay what you wants, and then came along the "your character here"s

So now, assuming it hasnt already been done. Fill In the Blanks.

Here is How it works.
It can be a sale, or it can be an auction.
The Artist will Create a Phrase..But OMIT some of the words. Leave it up for 24hours or more. And Let it generate comments. But these comments can include words to fill in the blanks. Get wild and crazy..After the Time ends, there is two ways for it to go.

The artist can finish the selection ONLY using the words suggested In the comments. And then draws that picture as a commission. Or Whoever pays for the picture/auction...THEY get to choose the words from the comments. Or maybe it wouldnt have a price, but if they want to put the word in they could buy out that slot and THEY would get to choose the word.

For example. I would create the sentence

"[Blank] licks a [blank] covered in [blank] while sitting in a [Blank] [blank] [blank]!"

And say from the comments, If no one bought it, I would get to choose one of my own characters, If they pay for it, they can choose any character, thiers or mine. So may get some strange combinations. Maybe something like...:

"Archer licks a Taco covered in jellybeans while sitting in a Bowler Hat Hottub"

and of course THAT would be the commission, THAT would be what I draw. It might spur some cringes, might get a few chuckles..and maybe a whole LOT of "WTF?!"s

Of course it can be anything from G-XXX But its an idea.
What do you think? Good idea? bad idea?
Tempted to do one as a test run. and It will be cheap.

I am curious, but If no one else is interested, I think this is something that I will definately do.

PWYW, then YCH, Now How about FITB Commissions


29 April 2014 at 01:49:59 MDT

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