On Vacation - Trades? 3DS FCs? by Angelos

EDIT: WOW I was dumb and forgot the second half of the journal GO ME!
3DS FC: 4296-2983-0530
I'm looking for friend safaris!
Types I'm especially looking for:
Fire, Fairy, Dragon, Grass, Flying
Pokemon I'm especially looking for:
Charmeleon, Lapras, Ditto

Hey guys wow first journal entry here! For now I'll keep these pretty plain most of all the important navigation links are right at the top of my page anyways so I don't think I need to add them here too XD

Basically I'm done first year of uni! :"D I'm so happy omg uni just sucks the life outta you owo; My commissions have opened over on dA [sorry guys still no paypal set up] though I can't take any over here but what I can take is some trades!

I guess I'll just have one slot over here too since I have one slot open on dA as well~ It's gonna be on a try me basis so no guarantee I'll accept. We'll discuss first but for my half I'll probably be doing minis since I want to be able to get you my half fairly quickly c:
Animals/fantasy creatures have priority over humanoids unless you have a REALLY appealing chara I like [and just no anthros; I can't anthro you don't want me to try lol]
Leave references in the comments and if I'm interested I'll message you privately about it~

~Angelos ❤

On Vacation - Trades? 3DS FCs?


25 April 2014 at 19:18:48 MDT

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    Congrats on your sixth year of uni! I'm just now completing what is ultimately my 6th year sob

    I don't have any references to post but I do have some feral critters (and like... all of my anthros can be drawn feral) so if you wanna trade, let me know. I'll be pretty quick after finishing finals this week.

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      That should say first year of uni, I should not be allowed to type on my phone.

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      haha thanks and oh gosh well congrats to you for surviving a 6th year! Are you done/almost done uni then? I will sadly be stuck in uni for about the same time too since I'm in a double degree program ;w;""

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        It looks like I'll be out in a year, give or take. This is actually my second degree and it's sort of a complicated situation but... man I'll be glad to be done! I didn't really plan on ending up with a second bachelor's. I am so ready to get back into the workforce for good.

        What are you double-majoring in?

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          Ahh I see o: I can't wait to get out of here already it sounds much better getting paid to work than having to pay while doing backbreaking amounts of work XD

          And I'm in a biotech program so if I can make it through I get a bachelor's of science in biochem. and a bachelor's of engineering in chem. eng. ...haha.. if I can make it through..

          Even some profs give me weird looks when they find out I'm in that program since it's sorta notorious for being insanely difficult and most people drop out >w>;;

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            Yeah for real! Sure isn't cheap.

            Man, biotech is super hard. My original college roommates all started biotech and ended up switching majors. I admire you for your hard work! Honestly, I haven't had a serious science class in ages. My first degree was in Architecture, which while not academically difficult is ludicrously hard in terms of workload. It makes my new major seem super easy, though, so I got that benefit out of it at least!

            You gotta stay strong! You can do it! It's a great degree to have. You know it's tough when even the professors pity you, though.

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              Ahh seems like biotech is just insane no matter where you are then XD
              Oh I heard architecture was pretty hard too and a lot of work there's a lot of diagram drawing and stuff people said. A friend had thought about going into that but then she decided on another program. And haha that's good it makes what you're doing now seem more relaxed~

              I'll do my best I'm determined to get through this and make it through the program. C: Yeah I hope it can help snag me a job when I graduate with two degrees; hopefully I look more hire-able that way pfft and co-op should help too if I can get in that.