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Forgot your password? No account yet? is Dead! No more website =( by Kamakru

What. The. Hell. Everything is GONE.

From their Facebook page:

"No more CGHub

Sad day. Project CGHUB is officially closed.

The reason behind this extremely tough decision is personal and will remain private. It’s absolutely not connected with business or any kind of technical difficulties.
On behalf of development team I would like to apologize to CGHUB users and fans for abrupt project closure and delay with its announcement.

CGHUB wasn’t ideal, but we loved it SO MUCH! :*(

Team Shakuro"

Imagine that you tried to log in one day to Deviantart and the website didn't exist anymore.
Wow. Just....seriously. Anyone else happen to know more on this, or is that really all she wrote?

I guess...anyone have any other professional art sites you recommend?
I still have my old account, but at least it looks like they fixed a few bugs and sorted out some non user-friendly issues which is nice. is Dead! No more website =(


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    Wow, I'm surprised they didn't give some sort or warning, or notice, that's pretty unprofessional on their part IMO. That really hurts a lot of artist who were using the site as their main online gallery, since they'll have to build their online presences in a new place, and just wow.. I'm still blown away about that :C

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      Yeah it really is, and I'm surprised there wasn't at least even a couple days notice. The forums alone were worth enough to have an account there