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new art critique group (FA ONLY) by NimbleBun

Myself along with a couple other art friends have finally decided that an art doll critique group is necessary. Like fursuits, artdolls are quite the investment with alot of facets involved with craftsmanship and dealing with the artist themselves.

I have alot of art dolls and i know not everybody under the sun can afford such an extravagance so I am filling the group with my own collection and reviews of the dolls I bought and commissioned and so are the other admins. If you have something you'd like to review too, please by all means submit in a note (to that group or to me if you dont have an FA account but still want to review) and we can go from there

the goal here is to create a place for people to cruise to read up on various doll makers seeing as it is kinda challenging finding a place to read up on customer reviews.

if you choose to review, you can not remain anonymous. you will be held accountable for your review, so please be sure you're honest and un-biased because potential buyers are looking at your review.

new art critique group (FA ONLY)


11 April 2014 at 09:39:00 MDT

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