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Does anyone do traditional commissions? - Found! by Kamakru

Thanks guys! My artist has been found =]

Do any of you, or any of you know who still takes traditional commissions AND sends the original artwork? I've been kinda looking around for a while now for someone who will do traditional and ship, and with a style that catches my attention. Also, a lot of the artists I like that do traditional tend to prefer really large pieces, but I'm looking for something kinda small-ish. Maybe 5x7 or 8x10.

Any of you open? Know someone who is? Not sure who I want to go with yet, but I'll know when I see it =]

A link to the commission info is appreciated - just makes it easier

Does anyone do traditional commissions? - Found!


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    I do traditional commishes, and send the original through on request c: I do them over DA for points though :/ I guess you can still have a lookie and I can sort something out? IDK, your choice

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    I do primarily traditional myself and I never keep the original pieces. I do any and all sizes as well. Badges to full pieces, whatever you like. One of my favorite things to do is index card pieces. I really outta get some examples up of those. Its like an ACEO but index card sized. I actually just got a really nice set of Prismacolor pencils in February too. <3

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      Oh and all my commission info is on my Weasyl page. X3