Wii u play with? by noirex

Sorry for the bad pun...

So I picked up Wii u today. I have to say it is quite amusing. Nintendo made the right move and not giving an AV able. The non HDTV's compress them where the main screen looks bad. Need to get a flat screen. Warning, it takes about an hour or 2 to set up the system and transfer everything from wii to wii u. @.@

Once you get used to the gamepad, it works wonders. Nintendo Land is fun (happy it came in the deluxe set, wouldn't of gotten it otherwise). It gives some idea of what you can do with it. Will say one thing, the NSMBWU is like old school SMW kinda of feel. Happy about that. Have not tried ZombiU yet.

If anyone wants to add me on it, note me or something and we will go from there.

If your hunting for one, will say its worth the hunt.

Wii u play with?


18 November 2012 at 16:22:57 MST

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