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Commission Stream this sunday!!! 4-6-2014 by TwistedDisaster

Since these seem to go over well. I thought I would do one again. Since Cody is gonna be at the races with my little bro and his friend Matt Ill have all day Saturday to work on commissions so that way Sunday I could host a commission stream!

So gonna have the stream Sunday! around 12pm PST - Till At least 5 or 6pm Depending on how many orders I get ^^

Normal commission stream rules apply so my prices are more since you are getting it done same day and get to watch me do them 8> BUT if you want the chance to save some money I am still open for My Chibi Sale (( these wont be worked on in-stream but I will be finishing the orders I have now tomorrow!

Also I plan on doing more stream commissions since I need to save up for A-X which I will be going with Arofexdracona, spartan-3x13 and Annas mom. So gotta save save save!

Commission Stream this sunday!!! 4-6-2014


5 April 2014 at 02:24:27 MDT

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