I'm going to FA:U BRO! OH YEAH! by Mateo

That's right! Your favorite livestream gamer and creator of Luna, the slutty husky will be at FA:U this year on August!

I'll be attending the Con for the first time! Check out new Art, check out my friends and buddies over skype, even check out the games I heard! GAMES BRO! OH YEAH!!!! Foam.............ahem wipe face

So I might be either flying or driving, but leaning towards flying since it's much less of a hassle to work with.

having roommates are still in the works, and I'm only taking possible 2, 3 people at the most! So don't be bummed if I have it booked up or not. Anyway already I might have 3 roommates for the Con, but hey!! we got 4 months to go so who knows! Things might change!

Anyway, I will post more information on my Con Arrival. I'll be mostly hanging with Mr. rocksteady and the game room he is taking care of this year (By the way, watch him guys, watch him. So cool~)

I'm going to FA:U BRO! OH YEAH!


2 April 2014 at 12:44:42 MDT

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