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Business as Usual by Tankaa

We have some incoming mood whiplash after yesterday's unbridled absurdity and fanservice. I've lost an acquaintance I've known for the past few months this weekend.


Steven A. Tinner, GM to the Stars, died on Saturday, March 29th 2014 at the age of 43. I wasn't able to talk to him that day, but only after we didn't get a follow-up after he said he couldn't make it to the group did we really know that something was amiss. You were a great GM, skilled playtester, in addition to being a faithful husband and parent. You will be missed, Steve. I'll try to make it to the memorial service in Painesville this Saturday.

This raises the question of what both Shadowrun groups are going to do, as his friend team-GMed the large Wednesday Shadowrun/Pathfinder group and he wanted to do a second rotation as GM for the Shadowrun Cleveland group. It looks like me, Jason, Jeff, or Agito will have to take up the mantle in that group so we don't have to fight Dan's ghoulswarm again. The best thing our groups can do is regroup and not let the loss of one of our members keep us from continuing to have fun, memorable experiences.


At least I hear about the class cancellations ahead of time, but the darn Power Electronics II course has failed to meet too many times. I'm going to go talk to the dean about this, and start planning out a way I can teach this course myself in the spring of 2016 with an emphasis on worked examples and real-world applications instead of narcotic abstract problems that fail to make the reasons for the coursework clear...and unlike the current professor, I'm going to turn up and teach the darn class. I'm glad I had Dr. Villaseca's Electromechanical Energy Conversion and Dr. Morinec's Introduction to Power Systems before my lousy Power Electronics courses, otherwise I'd have thrown up my hands in favor of control theory and instrumentation work.


The problem with the PAiA 9308a Fatman MIDI-controllable analog synth has been narrowed down to a pair of dud 2N4126 NPN transistors on VCO #2. Looks like I'll be going to Mentor whether or not there's a game tonight, since it means I can finally fix and unload that boat anchor. I should have been able to figure out this problem a month ago, but hey, the fault is traced and all I need is a dollar worth of parts and some desoldering braid.

This is a significant bright spot. It's not snowing or below freezing, so Tankaa's iconic fleece vest and t-shirt have returned.

Business as Usual


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