Back From BLFC + Call for Fursuit Photos by farorenightclaw

Hi, I'm back! I had a blast and very much enjoyed both handling for Second the pink glitterpanda and running around in my own Charcoal the caiman.

Which brings me to this: If any of you got photos of either Second the glittery pink-and-purple red panda, or Charcoal the pink/yellow/black caiman with the heart on her tail and pink/black/purple dreadlocks, please send them to me! Either post on WZL and link me or email to faroreDOTnightclawATgmailDOTcom, thank you!

Back From BLFC + Call for Fursuit Photos


31 March 2014 at 08:14:04 MDT

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    I saw that caiman!

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    wait... you were at BLFC... I just had all the sad in the world... this is why I should check blogs more often

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      Yuh, I did a BLFC journal and talked about it on Twitter and everything! Were you there? :0

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        All week, Thursday to Monday. I'm native Nevadan!

        My problem is I don't seem to be following you on twitter and only rarely check the art sites, especially during the crunch time before a con! One of these problems is easily solvable! To the twitters!