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my opinion on Dr. Phill's show on furries by ShawnSkunk

so I just watched his show on furries titled animal obsessions just like I said I would the other in a journal comment

first off I like to comment about the bunny girl in my opinion if Dr. Phil was doing a show on furries he should actually focus on furries I find the bunny highly irrelavent to his cause there are no hints or clues I heard from her that she was a furry at all to me she may have been just a woman litterally obsessed with her bunnies I don't think she even knows what furries are.

now secondly as for Boomer the dog you can find him on FA
I find it ok that he's being himself and being what he loves to be and it satifies him very well but I think he may carrying it a tad bit far with eating dog food out of a dish now I'm not trying to criticise him I think the dog house and barking and acting like are fine but it is important to try to keep a little within reality a bit but not completely if you don't too now I can understand living a furry lifestyle but it's important not to let your mind or yourself drift completely away from reality it's important to keep a portion of your mind into reality of life cause in my opinion that's how you can keep your sanity if I were boomer and if there was one thing in my life I would give up it would be eating dog food cause not only that I think a lot of people and probably including some furries even K9 furries would probably find it disgusting but also I would find it completely unhealthy because you don't know what certain companies would put in that dog food there are some companies that certain chemicals and pestisides in their dog food products and they could be a health hazard to your body if you eat it that's just my own little theory on it but you can never be too careful

and last but not least Culpeo if some of you heard about Culpeo before watching Dr. Phill's show then you may probably know about her situation with her mother long before Dr. Phill decided to do a show on furries and first off I would have to agree with Dr. Phill on Culpeo needing to finish school and get an education so she can be able to sustain herself in life and pull her own weight around secondly I kinda disaggree with Culpeo's mother commented that we furries are freaks and after listening to everthing she had to say I find her to be such a troll and I think she needs to stay out of her involvment in the furry fandom if she is not willing to listen to her daughter an what she has to say about us furries and letting her know that it's safe welcoming community and we watch each other's backs then she has no business dictating her life furry life and has no place telling her to give her furry hobby for good and as for Dr. Phill while I may agree on some of what Dr. Phill said about Culpeo needing to finish school and pull her own weight around when she lives on her own i have to disaggree on the way he was treating her on the show and how he was limbpicking her somewhat I mean I think he made her feel like a complete idiot on the air and I were Culpeo I would feel somewhat humiliated by the way he treated me and talked me down that isn't right he just like all of the media just limpicked us practically and talked us down and my final words to Phill and the rest of the media is STOP IT! alright just STOP IT! we've dealt with enough of that bullshit already we furries are all not what you and the media think we are a lot of us are good people we go to church we work hard to provide for our families we try to be a example and a good influence towards others and we try to make the world a better place too so...just...STOP IT!...just STOP IT!

that is all I have to say in this review and if you guys have any opinions or comments please feel free to leave a comment on my journal I'll see you all later ^^

my opinion on Dr. Phill's show on furries


30 March 2014 at 18:19:03 MDT

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