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Back from FWA! by quaggy

Hello everyone!

I'm safely back home from FWA, and just had a relaxing day off before launching into what will likely be a grueling 10-day-straight work schedule starting tomorrow. I'm hoping to spend my time outside of work getting a lot of art done, since cons always leave me feeling excited and inspired!

If anyone has any questions, comments, or anything else they need to contact me for, I'm trying to do a lot of response and touching base on progress this week, so this'd be the time to do it! I have a lot of different things in various stages of completion, it'll just take some time to get all the information together and contact commissioners that need updates and sort everything out. Aside from that, I have some rough ideas for preparation for my next con, and I may start selling some merch online as well! We'll see though, I'd like to clear out my commission queue before I do anything like that or start any huge personal projects.

I'd also like to thank anyone that stopped by my table to say hello, chat about Xena (wow these conversations were great!), purchased commissions or merch or both, and all of the wonderful people I got to hang out or spend time with! You're all incredible and I had a great time, made some money for bills, and took home pleasant memories and a few little presents (like the second Peachy Keen book, a few prints by friendswithfangs and daikaijuz, and a sketch from voegel!). I can't wait for the next con to see you all again soon!

I'll begin updating regularly once I'm able to get some work done! Thanks again!

Back from FWA!


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    it was great seeing you again and getting to hang out more!! gosh, i hope the next week doesnt leave you too exhausted, haha.
    (dont worry about my badge too much, take your time and relax and get other stuff done first that needs it!)

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    It was awesome finally getting some art from you, finding out you like xena too was just a plus.

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    It was great getting to meet you! And talk about art and crafts! I love my badge by the way it's so cute~ (you like xena?? Whoa! o0o )