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haha, i forgot to post up an introduction journal, but i guess late is better then never.

hello everyone, i'm called Kiro. i'm 23 years old and i've just recently moved to a city about 45 minutes north of Denver, Colorado from Nebraska. I'm currently relying solely on commissions for income while i try to find a job out here. I have severe ADHD and PCOS, so if you'd ever like to chat about my experiences with these kinds of things feel free to drop me a note. :3

as for hobbies i'm unhealthily obsessed with pokemon and minecraft, and i also play LoL (though i'll be the first to admit i suck at it horribly). if you'd ever like to join me for a game, i'd be happy to! just drop me a note! (i don't battle in pokemon, but i'll be happy to trade with you). i also love story boarding and world creation, i love creating and building up new characters (even if i'm probably never going to do anything with these stories)

i'm kinda shy and nervous about being the first one to start a conversation, but i love it when people talk to me, so please don't feel shy about messaging me

Hello everyone


24 March 2014 at 15:33:36 MDT

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    Well, here's a late welcome to Weasyl for you in turn, Kiro. Late is indeed better than never... also seems to be the story of my life most of the time, but I digress haha. Denver's an area I've been considering moving to for awhile (my parents both moved and met there), but I'm trying to stick to the coasts with my totally healthy obsession for all things ocean.

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      Denver is a really nice area, especially compared to Nebraska (more in the way that there's very little to do in Nebraska) i'm really enjoying my move out here. i'm more surprised at the milder weather here then i am anything else though XD

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        My oldest friend lives in Omaha, I've heard plenty about it haha. Yup, Denver and the area has about 300 days of sunshine a year? It's nice out there, I spent a semester out by Laramie, WY (like 2-3 hours north) and enjoyed the mountains and high plains. Good air out there.

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    I've never been to Denver before. From what you say it sounds kind of nice there. Weather has been somewhat sporadic over here. It'll be cold one day and warm the next. It's really kind of irritating.

    I can't imagine relying only on commission work for income, that kind of thing sounds like it would be really stressful if you don't get any clients.

    I am a little curious about PCOS and ADHD myself so I might note you about it. I've had some problems which you might be able to relate to, maybe.

    Oh god, I am terribly obsessed with Minecraft at times but it depends on the manner of it. If there are mods involved and what not because I am mostly interested in multiplayer servers over single player. Though I don't much involve myself in random ones because I have an extremely low tolerance for griefing these days. I love story boarding and world creation as well, as I am creating my own world and have been for most of my life.

    Don't be shy with me, if you can help it. I'm a little awkward at first and sometimes come on a little strong as a friend but I mean well.. at least I hope it seems that way and I am not simply an annoying asshole.

    Nice to meet you (belated obviously).

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      if you ever get the chance to visit denver, i would recommend it. there's plenty of things to do here, and not just up in the mountains. (i actually haven't been up in the mountains yet XD;; )

      commission work /is/ very stressful for income... i'm not very good at selling myself and i dont like bugging people into buying work from me.

      i'm actually looking for a modded server that is relatively small (like maybe 20-30 people at most) with very little griefing... my friend has a server for FTB but it's only up when he's online :/

      ((and i sooo do love your comments!! i so dont think you're being annoying. aksdfha i'm just a derp and i'm kinda bad at conversation some times.))

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        I'm kind of a derp myself in conversation but I have been working hard to be better at it and think of more things to ask people and say. I don't like seeming antisocial because I'm really not. I really do love talking to people but it's equally awkward for me as it is enjoyable.

        I don't want to sell myself either but I know I will have to if I want to carry more of my weight around here. My friend has a modded server but it's only her and I on it so... yeah. It's also kind of fuckered. Pardon the language.