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Skype? by Burdbrain

I don't usually post my Skype publicly due to negative experiences, but I'm going to give this another chance. If anyone is up for a good chitchat now and then, I'd be happy to add you on Skype. My address is serenitytheafghan (don't ask lol). Just be sure to say who you are in the invite!

Rules/How not to be an ass on Skype 101 (Based off of real past experiences):

-Don't add me, pretend to be my 'bff' and then immediately proceed to beg me relentlessly for free art, discounted commissions, or money for *insert absurdly farfetched sobstory here*. Yeah this really happened, even the money part. If we talk for quite some time and turn out to be bffs after all, then I might surprise you with freebies.

-Don't add me and then never ever speak a word to me again. I'm alright with initiating conversation first, I can understand shyness. But if you're going to ignore me while you're clearly online, why am I still on your list?

-For pete's sake please keep conversation appropriate. It's okay to use innuendo and the occasional frisky reference, but can you really justify talking about your fetishes with someone you just met?

-Common sense. There is really nothing more to say on the matter.



15 November 2012 at 10:10:16 MST

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    gonna add ya! I don't get on super often though.

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    darcshadowfox add me pls

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    sounds fun c: Need to try... PLUS burds x3

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    I'll give ya an add ^^