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FurThe'More was AWESOME. Photos of Tierney?? WHOO by Kittiara

Fur the 'More was seriously great. The one con I haven't done the late-night dance at... probably because I exhausted myself with fun during the day! Also fullsuiting is certainly something I need to build more stamina for!

It's also the smallest con I've been to and honestly I REALLY liked the vibe. Very friendly, interesting (and interested!!) people, had lots of random conversations and interactions with folks I'd never met in a much more natural and fun way than any Anthrocon I've attended. In some ways I missed the large spaces and in others i was so glad the spaces WEREN'T so stupid big... give and take for sure, but WHOO YOU CANNOT BEAT THAT NICE COOL WEATHER. I may have to swear off summer conventions... ugh, July?? gross.

OKAY SO I debuted my full Tierney suit there, finished and custom fitted to me once I arrived by Clockwork Creature Studios. Thank you to Qarrezel, Kifu, Mat and Velvet- the whole team that made it possible for Tierney to exist and be completely finished and utterly beautiful by the con. PLEASE let me know if you have more photos or video of her! I'm doing my best to look but usually my keyword searches of Flickr, Weasyl, FA and Tumblr just don't cut it.

Here are a few so far, so I can show off the suit! It's modular, so the torso is separate from the legs- really awesome! So if you recall Tierney's partial, we added the body, little wings, digi feet, new TAIL which is frankly dangerously bouncy and I've taken out several people so far, and new gloves plus alterations and updates to the head!! YAYYY

Debut Video! She had JUST had her custom fitting completed so I frolicked in CC's backyard!

Fullsuit photo with mah posse

And some folks took a few great photos of the suit without the torso, as I was wearing her on Saturday!


FurThe'More was AWESOME. Photos of Tierney?? WHOO


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    Oh wow, that's such a beautiful suit!

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      Thank you thank you! I looove her, Clockwork Creature outdid themselves

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    This was my second FTM, yeah, it's a great small con. Hopefully I can make it next year.

    Casie (Riot Grrl Photo) does great work. She really caught Tierney's color. It was fun to watch.

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      I liked the small quality, it made it easier to actually take a moment to chat with people. :D

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    Best gryph! Looking awesome, and glad it was a fun con ^_^

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      Thank you!~ :D maybe I can make it to the west coast sometime!

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        Hah, but we only have one con here! I thin o.o

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    Pretty Bird!

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      Burd burd. p.s. thanks for being my companion on early morning errands

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        No Thank You! It was a lot of fun having your company.

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    Great to meet you at the con. Tierney looked great! I need to tell you the story of how i ended up with my own authentic Clockwork Creature fursuit as well. :)

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      It was great meeting with you and chatting a few times! I had no idea you had a CC suit! Well we should certainly chat more, feel free to PM me at your leisure and we'll catch up!

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    Oh these look wonderful! I shall being uploading my own selections this weekend in addition to these.

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    You look adorable in that full suit! Lovely job. :)