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Tattoo Results by Chewbacca

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And the final results to the first session.
Second session after it heals I will bold the out lines and maybe start shading.
Third session I will learn to use color.
If you missed the stream of me tattooing myself, here are the recordings:

part 1

part 2

Overall Dave was very proud of how it turned out. I'm even proud even though it's not the best, but damn once I started tattooing I couldn't put the gun down. I was expecting the worst, but it felt like getting zapped by a blanket constantly. It really wasn't that bad. I hear the shaders are a bitch. I will find that out soon.

Tattoo Results


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    Well, when I could finally see it it looked great! The stupid pop up add kept coming up on the bottom covering what I was trying to see!

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      you talking about the pic or the livestreams?

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        Livestream, pic says it doesn't exist!

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          fixed the pic and livestream is an ass like that with their ads :c

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    Generally, I find the liner to be more painful than the shader (I have about a dozen tattoos), though I guess it depends on location/how deep it goes. Touch-ups are the most painful, but mercifully brief! Looking really boss so far!

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      Thank you :)
      Really? I thought it would be the other way around. I guess I was too caught up with not fucking up on the tat to even notice any pain really. I guess it hurts more now letting it heal. Feels like a bad sun burn. I may have went a little too deep around chewy's crotch and the hair lines around his arm, but other then that I think I get the idea on how deep it should go.
      I hope I won't be getting much touch ups. But then again, I'm going to be adding more to my skin XD

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    Seconding the liner remark here; it tends to be more painful than the shader because there is only one needle at a time - constant pressure at a hard point. Shaders are a cluster of needles over a wide point. Kind of like the difference between getting poked with a pointy finger versus being poked with several fingers at once. You don't notice pain as much when it is in a broader area.

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      Ah makes sense. I was using a 3 needle head for the whole thing.
      When it comes to the shading part, I'm probably going to be using a 13.
      Well I'm preparing for the worse, again XD