9 year old Brony bullied by hattonslayden

i just found out from my parents that 9 year old Grayson Bruce was bullied for having a My Little pony Lunch bag. so what does the teaching staff do? Punish the victim and reward the bullies.

Aparrently the principle decide to ban Grayson Bruce from having the MLP lunch bag, thus stating to the world that "bullies are right and the victims are at fault"

i encourage all my Brony and Pegasister (if you would like to be called as such) friends to show some support for protecting our children from bullies.

as a 'survivor' of being bullied, all the way up to college (thankfully not including college) i can tell you first hand that it does not 'build character' or is 'just something kids need to do' or toughens you up' (the people who believe that are the bullies themselves) the only reason i survived is thanks to my parents emotional support.

even if you are not into MLP and could not care less about the tv program, showing a bit of support for Grayson Bruce will show that you are against bullying and the emotional and social deformation of our youth.

9 year old Brony bullied


19 March 2014 at 06:10:59 MDT

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    growls thats what pisses me off about schools today

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    Hooray for the land of freedom, if you're a red-necked jerk, you get encouraged along like the endangered species you should be.

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    Been bullied myself and finally escaped it when i reached high school and seriously can any school in these recent times do a DAMN THING about it?! Also been seeing more about bullying from others i am subscribed to on youtube let alone hear it from others.

    I'm not a brony or other but i CAN NOT STAND BULLIES ONE SINGLE INSTANT and trust me they will regret encountering me as well if they get caught.

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    that's bs wow. see that's the kinda stuff that makes people not want to show that they are furries or bronies. I finally stopped really caring what people think. Only people who should have an opinion worth having should be himself and his family and even family opinion's should be negated from time to time. Sadly enough for Grayson Bruce(um isn't that Robins last name and Batman's name?Tight!!!) that he must now put up with this idk until people forget about this. But he should probably consider being homeschooled or moving. Kids can be real jerks nowadays and there is really nothing that can be done about it. Sure the parents should do something but if they are brought up being told that closed minded crap....... Even if the school did something about it they would have to put up with all of those parents depending on what closed minded crap town he might be in. Also who know's what those parents and kids might end up doing throughout his life. Its a sad testament but a lot of people don't know how to be open minded anymore. Now don't get me wrong there are a lot of furries and bronies that he can talk to but we cant be there all the time. Now im probably gonna get some crap over this but if we are gonna be able to handle people we actually have to get a tougher skin. This is a long way of saying this but most people are Jerks just to be jerks they try to make other's feel bad for some messed up reason.

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    Can only agree. Will never understand how people and even authorities usually side with the bullies. Is really power the only thing we, people, understand? Do we side with bullies because they are usually the more powerful, and in result, "correct"?
    And no matter what your personality is, or what you look, someone in the world is going to find you offensive sooner or later. So why this excuse of "he/she was asking for it", "shouldn't have worn those clothes" all the time?
    I think I asked a lot of rhetorical questions here, but something tells me that by only asking them over and over again, some of us might finally start questioning our decisions.

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    I'm not a MLP fan but this is just wrong! Bullying someone for being a fan of anything, and then having authorities- like you said- punish the victim and reward the bullies. It's just the icing of the great cake of bullshit!

    Bullying and judgement is the main reason I hate school. I actually like learning new things (and still manage to make good grades most of the time) but that place just takes away the joy of it!

    brofist We're both survivors. And I respect you for not becoming one of them but being a protector instead.

    The latest authority bullying I'm getting at my current school started when my principal got an anonymous complaint from a student that said he feels uncomfortable when I happen to be in the restoom with him (I look androgynous). So what does that principal do to solve the problem? Send ME to the restroom for the handicapped for the rest of the semesters. When she caught me going to the normal restroom she almost yelled at me. Because I'm "acting disrespectiful towards the wish of another student, and intolerance like that won't be accepted!"

    I could rant on forever about the topic bullying.