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Dear watchers and friends by Kushybutt

I am feeling just so emotional right now and i needed to tell you guys -

Right now, i want to say, i will be able to draw again soon. I can feel it. I actually dusted off my tablet today! I didn't draw. . . I lost the urge as soon as photoshop opened. Not because of photoshop itself or what i was about to d, but i got sad again. But it's getting eqsier and easier to push through. So soon, my lovelies.

I wanted to ask for you all though, for your help. Help to push me through this! I need support! I need to feel that sense of wholeness - belonging. That love. That. . . "We are all one" consciousness. I need to feel needed. I need to feel important. Like i matter. I need to feel like people want me to succeed. I need to feel like people want me to get better. I need to feel like people do love me and would be sad if i could never draw again. I need to feel like i matter.

So friends, watchers. . . Everyone, help me heal. <3

I'm only now learning it's okay to be honest with yourself and ask for such things. Life is beautiful, everyone is beautiful and we all have so much to offer one another. Let's help each other heal and grow. <3

I love you.

Dear watchers and friends


16 March 2014 at 15:52:47 MDT

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