art trade anyone? by Blaze

I'm open for any art trades. I won't be able to do them in color and as you can see I use pencil and paper.... so yeah....

art trade anyone?


16 March 2014 at 07:39:45 MDT

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        Could you do him and her in a romantic scene? I mean, no sex or whatever, let's keep it PG haha. ^^ What would you like me to do? I do pixels, too.

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          Hmmm.... could you do a pixel of these two together?
          And I will start on it now :3

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            I currently can't get to DeviantART because for some reason the site won't register with my laptop. Could you post their refs here or on Photobucket?

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              O-o I'm still new to all this.... so I have no idea what a photo bucket is XD here's a different link instead
              T^T I haven't made a ref sheet for them yet because a friend of mine was making a pelt design for them. So for now the only thing they really have is blind folds on and chained collars. There fur is just a dirty white as well ;______; sorry for not having a ref sheet... again ....

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                No, no it's alright! And could you do me a favor?

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                  Yesh, Yesh I can

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                    Could you go on dA, find RainSoda's latest contest, and copy/ paste me the info?

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                      Two contests in one! :3 2k points!
                      Journal Entry: Mon Feb 24, 2014, 9:39 AM
                      It is TIME, for my first contest ever. :'D WHOPWHOP
                      I recently did a poll, and not without a reason! There were clearly one winner, Design me a character. BUT, I want to make this contest splitted.

                      • Design me a character : One winner.
                      • Draw my character, as Icon.: three winners!

                      • You can do both Design a character & icon contest, you can enter as many times as you want.


                      :: Design me a character ::

                      What I like:

                      • I would love to have a feline character!( big cats)
                      • I really love it simple, yet unique.
                      • I love glowing pattern, paws, etc.
                      • I like swirly fur, pattern.
                      • Doesnt matter if its male or female.
                      • I dont like much accessories on my character..but feathers are cool :) or few unique equips
                      • Surprise me! :3
                      • I love blue, purple, orange..but any color is fine :)

                      • Dont use bases, please design the character yourself. i will judge the pattern and design..not anatomy :)

                      What you win:

                      • 1000 :points:
                      • A bust drawing by me

                      Only one winner for Design me a character.

                      :: Icon contest ::

                      • Draw one of my characters of this list:
                        Pirate Gryphon Adoptable Auction {Closed} by witchpaws
                        DESSERT 0C ADOPTS BATCH 1 CLOSED by eellie
                        Adoptable Sheet 3 by animalartist16
                        Galaxy kitsune
                        Funky by RainSoda
                        Rin Reference 2014 by RainSoda
                        Boo by RainSoda
                        Speed of fire by RainSoda

                      • Only transparent icons.

                      • You can do animations if you like, but will be judged together with non animated.

                      • Make them so I can use them as an icon.

                      • No pixel bases are allowed, make your own icon from start.

                      • headshot are allowed.

                      3 winners!!


                      1. 500 :points: + a bust drawing by me

                      2. 300 :points:

                      3. 200 :points:

                      BOTH contest will end in one month!! 24th march! :)

                      Submit on this journal so I know about the entry! :) I will fav every entry in a map!

                      GOOOD LUCK :'D!!!

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                      :iconrainsoda:Two contests in one! :3 2k points!
                      by RainSoda
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                        Thanks! <3 :) It means a lot. I'll get started on your trade <3

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                      I'm done with the drawing :,D

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    whispers.......... wanna do a thing with me..........?

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      o-o ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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        !!!!!!!! you don't have to if you don't want !!!!!!! no pressure !!!!!

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          No, no! I'd be happy to :,D I need the practice anyways. pressed my cheek against your face o.o let's be friends

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      HAAAAAA <3

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    I can do that my new dear friend =w= could you draw my dream dragon? I don't know how to put it in exact words but can you make the dragon have some sort of sad expression ?

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      i can certainly try!!! gosh so lovely!!