Issues with Myself by WindWolf

I have recently discovered a character flaw in myself; I hate drawing during the daytime. I am much more active at night or right at sunset. This is a problem though because I have to go to bed at night and because I share a room I cannot stay up and draw, but I absolutely do not feel like working on anything art-related during the day. See my dilemma?

I should be working right now. I have a lot of commissions I need to start on. But I really don't want to right now. I wanted to last night, but then I had to go to bed and now I just don't feel it. flails in frustration

So here I sit. Doing absolutely nothing productive. I really really wish I could go fishing, but I'm not allowed to go to the river alone. :( I betcha anything that as soon as the sun starts to go down I'll suddenly get a burning desire to make arts, but for now I'm bored.

...this is turning out to be a very long spring break.

Oh yeah, and commissions are still open, i just don't feel like working on them right this minute now.

Issues with Myself


13 March 2014 at 15:05:59 MDT

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    Oh boy. Sounds like a bad case of Nocturnalosis (the issue of becoming a nocturnal creature over a short period of time). ;P It is incurable. This is coming from someone suffering from Nocturnalosis.

    But, seriously, I'm sorry. =/ I am the same way.

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      Yup. I've had Noctunalosis for a long time then. It kinda sucks, but there's not really anything I can do about it.

      If I can try to hurry and crank out a ton of stuff before bed then that'll work.

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    It kind of makes me scratch my head of you're saying that you don't feel like working on commissions and yet, you are still open for them, close 'em so they don't pile up on you even more and it'll make you even less inclined to work on 'em (just saying, it's not meant in a rude way).

    I wouldn't say it's a flaw though, more like a quirk if anything.
    Sadly I have no advice to give you other then try finding more motivation during the day and if not, try working on 'em on friday and/or saturday nights.

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      Oh it's not so much that I don't want to work on commissions at all, I just don't like working on anything during the day, not even personal art so much. I get a desire to work on things as soon as the sun sets and I need to earn some money, and commissions are pretty good for that.

      Fridays and Saturday nights are always good for art. The only problem with that is I have a bad tendency to put homework off until then too. XP

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        lol guess you're gonna have to make a better schedule ;P