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Please ask first by LividPeas

So, I didn't know other people can add tags to people's submissions. > > But I would really appreciate it if people would ask me first before adding tags to my art, thank you. l D;; <3

Please ask first


12 March 2014 at 23:08:58 MDT

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    I believe you can disable it entirely!

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      Can you? @@ I couldn't find it haha. I know you can stop people from removing them at least though xD

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        Eek, please refer to the comment I replied to myself (because I hadn't gotten the notification for your response at the time)
        I really need to learn to confirm something before I open my big mouth. ;;

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      Ohnooo. I was mistaken. You can only prevent them from taking the tags you put on off. ;;
      My apologies!

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        Ahh, yeah. I don't think it can be turned off entirely. Thanks anyways though <333 As long as people ask me first, its not really a problem I guess. xD

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    man you used to be able to not let anyone touch your tags 8I i wish they didn't remove that option

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      Yeahhhh D: I don't know why they would remove it tbh. @@ Its kind of frustrating.